As a parent or event organizer, you have a tough job to provide entertainment.
How do you possibly keep everyone entertained? How do you choose from the plethora of options available? You want to pull off your event without a hitch. You want everyone to have an amazing time. Mostly, you just want to see smiles on the faces of children.

Maybe you are looking for that amazing eye catching event for your next birthday party. Do you want to hold everyone’s attention and create long lasting memories for your church benefit? Maybe you want a free event just to thank families who are in attendance. How about supplying a structure where kids simply line up for your main attraction?

Moonwalk bounce houses can be the life of any party, corporate outing, or charitable event. A moonwalk house is just a bouncy house that allows kids to get air as they jump. They might feel as if they’re walking on the moon like Neil Armstrong. There’s little doubt moonwalk houses get their name from video of the July 20, 1969 event when Armstrong took some mighty bouncy steps on a gravity-less moon.

For children, bouncy houses are the closest thing to experiencing life without gravity. It’s the ultimate fun during any season for children. Nobody can probably explain why kids enjoy jumping for joy. They just do. They have forever. They love trampolines. The enjoy jumping off of their front porch. Kids have excess energy and can play for hours upon end.

A bouncy house is comparative to an indoor trampoline. Children don’t have to do much work to get a ton of lift. They can jump extremely high if they just exert a little force. It can make even the youngest of children feel 10 feet tall. That doesn’t even describe the ambiance of being inside a make believe home. It’s an adventure most kids will take over and over again.

How Do They Work?

The portable houses come in a variety of structures. These vinyl structures can take on many different shapes. You might have a moonwalk castle. It might be the shape of a house. Kids don’t seem to be overly picky. They just want to get in and have fun. Once these structures are filled with air, the houses can be safely entered by kids. The children need to remove their shoes to keep the inside environment clean. Kids can then jump for as long as event-goers decide.

A home birthday party might allow kids to jump as long as they want. You can only imagine reserving a rental for 15-20 kids. They don’t have to pay admission fees or wait in long lines. They just get to maximize their opportunity for play time.

Jumping up and down is something every child truly enjoys. Introverted kids mix with extroverted kids. Even though kids are inside a house, the bouncy structure actually breaks down barriers. Kids open up and make new friends. They can jump in close proximity to one another. It’s a great way to help kids bond and enjoy time with one another.

A festival or corporate event might limit bounce time to several minutes for each group of kids because of the high demand. A bounce house only has room for so many kids depending on the one you choose to rent. The bigger events might even charge a fee to make money for charity or an organization. It can serve as a great fundraiser.

Jumper Rentals

They bigger than life structures are also known as jumpers. Why wouldn’t you want to utilize one of the most well known ways to entertain kids?

You can truly separate your event from other similar events. Maybe your church wants to have an event to attract future members. You can only imagine the allure of a giant bounce house outside of your church. Cars driving by will notice the house. It can speak volumes that your church has a great youth membership and parents encourage fun.

You might also advertise party jumpers if you plan to use those for your corporate event. That’s why they are usually a bit hit at home shows, car shows, and big athletic events. Parents know their children need to let off a little steam. There’s no better way to get the energy out than by bouncing up and down for several minutes. Corporations who provide these for kids can utilize them to earn money for charity. They can use them as sign-ups for emails.

Maybe your business is having a grand opening. There isn’t a better way to show you are a “family” business than by renting a bouncy house. It’s also a great way to attract attention to your new business and signage. Neighborhoods will notice your business much more with a giant colorful structure just adjacent. You can also get to know some of your potential customers without even trying to sell anything. It just gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the community.

Your business can use the bouncy house as a celebration of an anniversary. Maybe you’ve reach a 25 year plateau. You can throw an anniversary party and invite the community for free snacks, drinks, and a bouncy house. Kids may request their parents stop by if they see a free inflatable opportunity.

Color Schemes And Variety

The good news is bouncy houses come in a variety of color schemes. A pink castle, for example, might work well for a birthday party for a girl. Other castles might be yellow and blue with slides for both entry and exit.

Some bounce inflatables have well known themes like SpongeBob SquarePants, Batman, or Shrek. Others might have sports related themes with basketball, soccer, or football elements. Other bounce house rentals might look like giant crayons, caves, or a tropical paradise.

Some moon bounce inflatables have room for pits with balls to dive into for children. Most have the common theme of bouncing and sliding. The great news is you have multiple color schemes and options to choose from. The prices and varieties are abundant. There’s a bounce house that fits just about any budget.

Which One Can You Possibly Choose?

You may want to choose several for your home, corporate, or church event. It allows kids to stroll from one to the other. It also allows a large crowd not to get impatient with long lines. It depends on how many children you expect to attend your event. Do you anticipate have more than a few dozen? If so, you may need several moon bounce inflatables to allow everyone to experience the jumps and thrills of an inflatable.

You can choose the one that specifically meets your budget. Maybe you need certain colors to go with a certain birthday theme. Maybe you want to match up colors to meet your business logo. Maybe you just want the best bouncy house available to give kids the most entertainment value possible. It’s truly up to you. You can reach out to us today to find out more about our inflatable selection.

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