Celebrating your kid’s birthday is one of the most anticipated events in your life. For kids, having a blast on their birthday party is more fun than being away from schools during special holidays. This is their day so they should have all the love and fun in the world for that day. There are many things to consider when planning your child’s birthday party. You can either hold the event at your house. However, this could be a little messy since children can recklessly cause havoc on the place while you try to entertain and keep watch of them. You can also get ideas from Pinterest and replicate the well-planned parties that could break your budget.

It is important to note that your child does not care about the price of the straws or if the decors match the tables and chairs. All your kid wants on that special day is to have fun with his friends and classmates. Fortunately, there is a sanity-saving budget-friendly memorable and fun way to hold your kid’s party nowadays. Ever heard of a bouncy house party? For several years, bouncy houses have found their way into lawns and backyards across the globe. With professionally supervised setups, creative themes, and secure designs, giving your kid a bouncy house party is a convenient way to give him the time of his life.

Bouncy Party Ideas

Bounce houses have become more popular these days. This is primarily because they are much safer and more fun than the usual trampoline. In addition, it serves as a haven for kids where minimal to zero adult supervision is necessary. You can incorporate a lot of fun things if you choose to have a bouncy house party on your kid’s birthday party. Visit the nearest kids party rentals and other party stores that offer cotton candy machine rental, kids love sweets and what better way to keep them entertained than a machine spewing out sweet edible cotton. And since it’s a bouncy party you should have the following: an inflatable water slide, bouncy castle, toddler bounce house, and inflatable slide. A dunk tank would also be great especially if your kid loves water activities. It is important that you check with your bouncy house store if they also offer dunk tank rental.


Kids Adore Them

Nothing gets your child’s attention more than a massive bouncy house. In fact, kids tug on their parents to get into the bouncy house at the first sight of it. Oftentimes, several bouncy houses and castles feature an inflatable slide. If your kid’s birthday falls in summer, you can rent an inflatable water slide to give them more fun. Not only does this massive water slide keep your kids entertained it also helps them stay cool. If you have something with water, it is important that there is an adult supervising the kids all the time. In addition, the house can also help you with keeping the kids in one place, preventing them from running around, and hopefully tiring them out.

You Can Blend It With Your Theme

If you have a daughter obsessed with Disney’s princesses or with Elsa, or a young boy who loves his superheroes? The great news is bouncy houses are available in a wide variety of themes that your kids and his guests will surely love.

They Are Very Entertaining

In a conventional kid’s birthday party, you will have a hard time thinking of activities that the guests will surely enjoy. However, with a bouncy house kid’s party, you can offer them entertaining activities that they could spend their time with. The bouncy house and other inflatables will keep them entertained and engaged. Since they are very appealing to children, you save time opening gifts and waiting for the parents to fetch their kids.

Less Messy

Honestly, children are messy especially when they are with their friends. In a traditional birthday party, the kids are usually inside the house eating, interacting, and running around. They have the tendency to wipe their hands on the wall, curtains, and on the couch. However, with a bouncy house, the mess that they create is outside your house. They could leave it in the bouncy house itself or in the lawn.

Important Things To Consider


If you plan to have a big bouncy house kid’s birthday party and would like a bigger venue like a public park or space, then you have to get a permit from your local government. There are different kinds of regulation when it comes to inflatables depending on the location. It is important that you check with your local park services about this. You can check their website to ensure that you meet all their requirements.

Types of Bounce House

There are some models of the bouncy house that come with a water slide which could add more fun. This is perfect for a summer birthday party and could also be a great way to add more activities to the party. But, this type also requires planning. This includes a source of water, space to dry the guests off, and the safety of the kids.


Another important factor that you should consider in hosting a kid’s bouncy house party is the setup. This type of party requires a wide and open space. Aside from this, you should also consider the type of terrain that is available. Some companies have varying rules in terms of setting up the bouncy house and other inflatables. Some require asphalt or concrete while some prefer grass. However, most of these companies will not allow a set up on rocky, sandy, or graveled turf. This is because these settings could damage the inflatables as well as the children.


There are no industry standards or federal rules that govern the use of inflatables except of course for amusement parks that are governed by the municipality or state laws and ordinances. Slides and bounce houses used in carnivals are required to observe the regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For a bouncy house kids party, you have to observe several safety precautions. These are very important to ensure that the kids are not only having fun but are also safe.

  • Take note of the weight limits, the maximum number of children allowed at once, and the age.
  • Check and double check if the inflatables are securely fastened or anchored to the ground
  • Place the blower to prevent it from being unplugged (accidentally), which could cause the bouncy house and other inflatables to collapse
  • Do not use inflatables during bad weather and harsh outdoor conditions like high winds
  • Always make sure that there is an adult overseeing the inflatables and the kids
  • Do not allow kids of different age clusters to play at the same time in the bouncy house. When a ten-year-old kid falls on a toddler, it could cause a serious injury.
  • Never let adults or older kids too big for the bouncy house to play. It is always safe to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer or the owner of the bouncy house in case you just rent it. While some bouncy houses are designed to hold adults, but some are not.
  • Do not allow the kids to climb the walls outside the bouncy house. This could cause the house to topple or collapse. Kids could also fall and get injured.

When holding a party for your kid’s birthday party, it is important to note that the celebrant must have fun and feel special because it is his day. Having a kid’s bouncy house birthday party will not only entertain your guests but will also make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one. This type of party will save you a lot of trouble that you would encounter when you hold a conventional birthday party.

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