I hear Bounce Houses referred to in all different ways. Are they all the same?

Yes, they are all the same and are referred to as Inflatables, Bounce Houses, Moonwalk, Bouncy Houses, Jumpers & Units. You have your standard castle bounce house, 2 in 1 combo units which includes a bounce house and a slide, water slides, sports related games, flex units and more.

How is the best way to locate a Bounce House company near me?

The best answer for this is Google. Type right in the Google Search Bar “Bounce House Rentals Near Me” and view all of the companies. You may want to use the company with the most reviews.

How safe are Bounce Houses?

Bounce Houses are very safe when properly used. Children make use of these particular inflatables and you need to ensure safety is at the highest level. Customers should ask the Bounce House Company if all of their Bounce Houses are commercial grade with double reinforced stitching. In any given activity involving children, adults should ensure good supervision of the children. This is an activity geared to ensure all the simple rules are well followed and to make sure there is an individual who will take care of children as they get in and out of the Bounce House. Confirm that the Bounce Houses are provided with finger-safe netting in all the four sides in order to ensure the best air circulation and visibility. The Bounce house can either be staked to the ground or secured using 25-30 pound sandbags. Please ensure all children stay clear of the blower unit and electrical cords at all times.

Do I have to sign a Liability Waiver Agreement for the Bounce House Rental?

Yes, this the most important item of your rental event. Any reputable Bounce House Company will make certain you sign this agreement prior to even setting up the Bounce House. In some case you may want to obtain a certificate of insurance from the company. This Agreement protects all parties involved.

How do I schedule the delivery of my Bounce House?

Well, some of the time you’ll be calling a Bounce House company in your area to discuss inventory, availability, pricing and other event details, so chances are right then and there.

However, more technology driven Bounce House companies, have online booking systems where all of your child’s event details are handled online including the delivery.

Most good Bounce House companies will call you the day of your event to provide you a time for the delivery of your Bounce House.

How do I pay for my Bounce House Rental?

Most companies will require a 50% deposit to book your child’s event with the balance of the rental being paid by cash prior to the Bounce House being setup on your property.

Customers may also choose to pay the full amount of the rental charge in advance on a credit card.

Is the price inclusive of delivery and set up with my Bounce House Rental?

Yes, all rentals include the Bounce House, delivery, setup & take down in the one price. Sometimes an extra delivery charge may apply if your Bounce House Company is far away from your home.

What happens if my Bounce House is not delivered on time?

Most reputable Bounce House Companies will be on time with your delivery, however, sometimes unexpected delays occur and here are your options:

Make sure you have the Bounce House Rental Company phone number handy and call to see what the matter is and find out if they are still coming with your Bounce House and if they can leave it at your home a little later.

Ask the Bounce House company to refund you the money for the rental.

Schedule your event for another date.

What surfaces can a Bounce House be setup on?

Bounce Houses are usually setup on Grass (not recently mowed). Sometimes Concrete and Sand. In all cases, a Bounce House needs to be secured to the surface with stakes or sand bags. When setting up on concrete its best to rent some mats to surround the doorway of the Bounce House.

Can a Bounce House be setup indoors?

Yes, if you have the room like a School Gymnasium, Church Auditorium as long as the Bounce House is secured by 25-30 lb. Sand bags on all sides.

Are We Held Responsible for the Bounce House if it is Torn or Damaged?

YES, the customer will be held responsible. Reputable Bounce House companies will not drop off at your property a Torn or Damaged Bounce House. Make sure you inspect the Bounce House before the company driver leaves the premises to ensure there isn’t any existing damage and if there is, do not take possession of the Bounce House onto your property. It is very unsafe and not a smart financial decision.

Will Cleaning Fees be applied to my Bounce House?

Depends, Most Bounce House companies have some expectations of getting their Bounce House back with some grass and dirt.

However, some steep fees may occur for gum, food, sticky candy and most of all Silly String. The fee that can be incurred may exceed $150.00. The inspection of the Bounce House will be completed prior to it being removed from the property.

What time will they pick up the Bounce House?

The time for pickup will occur at the time you previously arranged for your event to end with the Bounce House company.

Can a Bounce House be delivered to a Park?

Because many cities require permits, you must obtain a permit for the specific event you would like to have, however Yes, you can have an event at a park. Additionally, the Bounce House company you hire must own a gas generator to ensure the electric blower can keep the Bounce House Inflated at all times.

What type of accessories can be additionally rented for my event?

Some of the additional accessories to make your event even extra special include:

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Hot Dog Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Margarita Machine

The price of these can range $55.00 – $125.00 extra per rental