Planning a party for your child can be a “very challenging” but exciting event. There are so many options to choose from and your child will tell you what they like simply by their reactions, gestures, and level of interest. There is one thing that will make your child smile from ear to ear and will provide hours and hours of non-stop FUN and that’s if you tell your child that you want to rent a Giant Bounce House for their event! They will grin from ear to ear, jumping for joy and screaming “Please, Please, Please!” You will create an everlasting memorable party that your child and their friends will talk about for years and years!

How do you choose which Inflatables will be the most successful for your child’s special event? Which ones are the most popular party rentals? Maybe you need a combination of several inflatables to make the perfect splash. Perhaps you need one or two that just really mesh with your age and audience.

What kid doesn’t like to jump? Kids will beg parents for dollars upon dollars to jump on inflatables at a local fair. They’ll beg to visit the local inflatable bounce or jump house for months upon months. Jumping equates to an incredible time for children; it’s something about youth. Inflatable jumpers give children the opportunity to utilize their energy while laughing, smiling, and cheering with their friends. There’s something about getting “true air” on an inflatable that delights kids of many ages. Even some adults are game. Here are the most popular inflatables you can rent for your next big party for youngsters. You can contact us today to find out more about the most popular inflatables for your next party. We have a wide variety of inflatables to choose from for your next event. It can really make a difference in the memories you create for your child and the children in attendance.

Giant Inflatable Water Slide

The heat definitely makes it tough to enjoy outdoor parties and festivities. An Inflatable Water Slide rental can provide the welcomed coolness to your party. In the summer, it’s time to slip and slide. Getting wet while sliding down a giant Slide is the ultimate in fun. An Inflatable Slide allows kids to cruise down a water soaked path on their way to happiness. Keeping cool is so important during warm months. Children absolutely love the ability to slide and stay soaked for as long as possible. They will surely be exhausted running back and forth enjoying the giant Slide filled with water. At the end of the day, you’ll look back and realize what a great memory you’ve created!

Wet/Dry 2 in 1 Combo Slide

This is one of the most popular types of Inflatables that are rented and here’s why. Whether it’s a cool day or a very hot day, this Inflatable is most versatile. It is a Bounce House with an Inflatable Slide that is connected to it, that will assure hours and hours of fun for your child and his/her party goers. Here’s the amazing part; if it’s a really hot day outside, no problem; this Inflatable can become a Wet-n-Wild funtastic Slide by simply adding water to it! If it’s a cooler day, this special combo unit still provides an entire fun filled day of jumping and sliding!

Castle Bounce House

Castle Bounce house rentals are worth every dollar spent on them! Kids can spend hours upon hours at their house in a Bounce House. The best way for your child and their friends to enjoy a Bounce House is when you rent one for your child’s party! Your child will get to enjoy unlimited bounces during the entire day. Most Castle Bounce Houses include a basketball hoop inside of them for even more excitement!

Providing a safe, free, and reliable bounce house can really lift your party into the upper echelon for many kids and parents. It provides instant memories. The kids get to laugh, interact and bond with one another while jumping! Shy children find it easy to join in and feel such happiness once they start bouncing. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time, especially the Birthday boy or girl! They will feel like a rockstar for the day!

Obstacle Course

Another incredible option for an Inflatable Rental is an Obstacle Course. Your child’s skills and athletic abilities will be tested, running through this giant inflated maze of different obstacles in his/her way. The Obstacle Course is one of the largest Inflatables manufactured and provides hours and hours of exhilarating fun for all who try. For the ultimate in fun, Obstacle Courses are available in “wet” versions as well, which adds an entire new dimension to the fun at your child’s special event.

Bouncy Castle

A Bouncy Castle allows kids to explore another fun structure. The Castle provides the visual imagery of what it must have been like years ago for knights and damsels in distress. Kids can pretend and enjoy laughs and smile while bouncing up and down for hours. A Castle is symbolic of treasures, swords, and ancient times. Kids can use their imagination and enjoy the magic of the Castle!

Water Slide Jumper

A Water Slide Jumper is perfect for summer months when you feel overheated. Guests will arrive to your house and you can send the kids outside for lots of fun! The Water Slide Jumper allows kids to change into their bathing suits and slip, slide, and splash their way for hours of fun. You can only imagine the relief of the guests when they see a Water Slide. Kids will be overly elated they have the opportunity to get wet, jump high, and slide fast.

Table and Chair Rental

Doesn’t it make total sense that if the Bounce House rental that is delivering the Inflatable to your house for your special event, delivers Tables and Chairs for the children too? Yes, of course it does, so this way you don’t have to worry about finding places for all your guests to sit and have food and most of all, eat Birthday Cake! One delivery handles all of your party needs.

Hot Dog Grilling Machine Rental

Now you’re really cooking with ease! What’s better to serve at your child’s party than Hot Dogs? You’ve rented the Bounce House; now you can serve the children their lunch or dinner. Be sure to ask to rent a Hot Dog grilling machine for your child’s Birthday celebration. This amazing machine will cook many hotdogs at a time and the kids will love it!

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

The perfect machine to add to any event might be the Cotton Candy Machine rental! Kids can enjoy their favorite and tasty treat before and after their day of fun of bouncing and sliding. Kids love the sweetness and texture of Cotton Candy. You’ll get long lines waiting for their delectable treat, that all kids enjoy! Cotton Candy can provide that extra boost and keep the party going full force! It can help keep smiles lasting longer.

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