An inflatable bounce house, more popularly known as a bounce house or inflatable jumpers, is a great addition to children’s parties. Contrary to what other people think, bounce house rentals are affordable, and rates depend on the type of bounce house that you are trying to rent. Bounce house provides entertainment for children, enabling the adults to enjoy a few hours of relaxation while the young ones are playing inside these inflatable pens. Bounce houses are safe for everyone, as it is made with soft materials that are being pumped with air to make it inflatable and bouncy. The structure is also covered in safety nets to prevent the children from falling outside the bouncy house. The nets also serve as the doors or the windows of the structure, allowing their guardians to see the children playing inside. Bounce houses come in different designs, but the most popular ones are giant houses and castles. Another variation of bounce houses is an inflatable water slide which are normally seen in pools or at the beach. These slides offer the same fun provided by inflatable bounce houses.

When used at a children’s party, the rental company providing bounce houses can also offer one of their staffs to look after the children and to ensure that the structure would remain properly inflated. The staff is trained on how to deal with various problems associated with bouncy houses, and they will keep the safety of anyone inside whenever an issue happens. Most bounce houses occupy a volume of fifteen by fifteen by thirteen feet, but it can be larger than that depending on the manufacturer and the request of a client. Various features can also be found in each bouncy house, like inflatable slides, a ball pit, or small trampolines. It is also decorated with superheroes or cartoon characters which are highly popular with children. Other bounce houses come with a water slide that is perfect for any summer parties, and water slide rentals would depend on the size of the structure. Bounce house and jumper rentals, on the other hand, depends on the size, functions, and its overall design.

Manufacturers of bounce houses recommend renting one for any events that will be attended by children, like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, school events, and even corporate parties. Because of their size, these inflatable structures can house a lot of people. Large events can rent bounce houses that can hold more than two hundred people at once. Bounce houses can be installed indoors or outdoors, and it can be set up anywhere because it only uses a small generator that pumps in the air. Companies that offer rental services for bounce house can be contacted either through their email address or through their working phone numbers. To protect the bounce house from damage, most rental companies will be delivering it to the location on the day of the event. The rental companies are also responsible for the generator and the air blower. However, there are companies that will charge you for their generators, so be sure to check their rates and everything that is included in the package. Never hesitate to ask questions and to clear things out before you place your reservation.

The size, additional features, and rental duration are some of the factors that affect the rental costs for these inflatable structures. When renting for a bouncy house, make sure that you consider these factors. Thinking in advance about the type of bouncy house that you wanted to install for your next party and the duration of how long it would be serving in the event would save you a lot of money.

Normally, the larger the size of the bouncy house, the more expensive it will be. Additionally, more complex bouncy houses are more expensive than their simplistic counterparts. Complex bouncy houses require more staff that will do the transport and the installation, while simple ones can be completed with only a single staff on the field. Regular rates for bounce houses are $95 (first six hours for most companies) for a small bounce house with ten by ten by thirteen dimensions and $125 (first six hours for most companies) for a regular sized bounce house with a fifteen by fifteen by thirteen dimensions. Slides are priced differently, and it could range from $150 for a slide with a length of fourteen feet to $250 for a slide with a length of over twenty feet. Combo rates are also possible, starting from $140 for a small bouncy house and slide combo, and $175 for a large bouncy house and slide combo.

The rental duration also plays a big role when it comes to the rental prices of these inflatable structures. Most companies will allow a six-hour rental period for their bouncy houses, and people would have to pay at least $125 for the first six hours. Other rental companies allow rent for less than six hours, which is cheaper. You will be charged for additional hours, normally within the range of $10. Water slides, on the other hand, would be much expensive when rented for six hours because of the complexity of its installation process. Typically, dry inflatable slides can be rented for $250, while water slides can be rented for $325.

Finally, there are so many add-ons to choose from when renting for an inflatable structure. It ranges from food trucks to additional generators that will prevent the structure from being deflated throughout the duration of the event. The more add=ons you choose, the higher the price tag will be. Folding chairs and folding tables can be rented out for $1.50 and $8, respectively. Ice cream machines, popcorn machines, and cotton candy machines can be rented for around $55. Generators, depending on its power, can be rented for as low as $75. To save more money, rental companies offer their clients a package bundle. For example, a certain rental company in Georgia offers a $300 package which includes inflatable slides, tables, 10 pieces of chairs, and a popcorn machine.

Safety is a priority when it comes to bouncy house rental companies. Make sure that you are working with a firm that has been inspected by the state and offers insurance. This will come in handy if any unfortunate event could happen because of mismanagement and neglect. You should also read about the reviews online to give you a heads up about what you need to expect when working with these firms. You also need to brief your visitors about the safety protocols that should be practiced inside the inflatable structures to minimize injuries. Follow the guidelines, and make sure that the inflatable structure will not be installed near sharp objects that would pose harm to the bouncy house and everyone playing inside.

You should also limit the use of the structure to children who are six years old and below, and ask their guardians to remove their glasses, pieces of jewelry, and footwear to keep the safety inside the structure. Remove any sharp objects as well, because it might injure other children. You also need to ask an adult to supervise the children inside the structure. Having a guardian would prevent the children from being unruly, which could result in fights inside the inflatable structure. A party with a bouncy house can end up perfectly without anyone being hurt if the safety protocols are followed. If you wanted a bouncy house for your next event, search the internet for the “bounce house rentals near me” and see which one offers the best deal.

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